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United Bans Fun for Their Flight Attendants

united overhead bin

In response to the viral photo challenge which asks flight attendants to climb into over-head bins, United has put out a statement banning those they employ from partaking. Claiming that it poses a risk to their employees’ safety, United has asked that their flight attendants not climb into the bins and not post photos of them doing so. In an additional statement, they added that the act was unprofessional.

The #OverHeadBinChallenge features flight attendants posing inside overhead bins on empty planes: an empty plane means that flight attendants are off the clock. By implementing this rule, United is asking its employees to behave in a specific way and standard while not being compensated for the time they are doing such. If it’s off the clock, and United goes untagged, should this photo-challenge be against the rules?

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pulokk1 March 10, 2020

Also very incestuous when one cheks theeeir shpelingk

Bootman4U March 10, 2020

Legs in the air? In QATAR? Sure

Qatar Airways March 8, 2020

That's just a normal day for crew getting their legs in the Air. It is a very insestuious industry.

sfcharles1 March 8, 2020

I have an idea: Put them on the clock when they arrive at the airport, instead of ripping them off in a practice that should be illegal: demanding they work until the doors are closed - WITHOUT PAY. Then you can tell them how to behave when they are on the plane. Though I find the practice of climbing into the overhead compartment as risky and inappropriate, that action pales in comparison to pure abuse of your "employees".

stickytoffee March 7, 2020

I'm all for a little fun even at work but an empty plane is still "the office" for flight attendants and they should conduct themselves accordingly. Also the positions and facial expressions are suggestive and therefore unprofessional in a work setting. Sooner of later someone will be offended, be injured, feel pressured, Lawsuits on the horizon.