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United Airlines Named 2014 Airline of the Year


United Airlines revealed on Monday, the carrier has been named the 2014 Airline of the Year by Global Traveler magazine. United takes the crown from last year’s winner Etihad Airways.

International business travel magazine Global Traveler has named United Airlines its 2014 airline of the year. This is the fourth year the publication’s staff and reader advisory board have awarded the honor based on information provided by the airlines as well as outside research and personal travel experiences.

United cited improvements in its food and beverage program, upgrades to its inflight WiFi and entertainment options, an expansion of the airline’s fleet and route system as well as updated terminals and club lounges as factors that helped the airline to earn recognition. The company specifically highlighted its popular United app for giving the airline an edge in the competition.

“This year, United has continued to create a more flyer-friendly experience for our customers — broadening our global route network, introducing new tools to give customers more information and control over their travel experience, and providing our employees more of what they need to provide better service in our airports and onboard our aircraft,” United Airlines Vice President Jeff Foland explained, promising more improvements in the near future. “Next year, customers and employees can look forward to more investment in service, technology and reliability.”

United was also named “Best Frequent Flyer Program” in a separate Global Traveler readers poll.  This is the eleventh consecutive year United Airlines topped this category. Global Traveler lauded the “exceptional quality” of United Airlines and Marriott, specifically praising the companies for their MileagePlus and RewardsPlus partnerships, respectively.

Marriott was named the 2014 Hotel of the Year by the magazine.

While United was named Airline of the Year, readers chose Etihad Airways as the Best Airline in World with United placing fourth. Readers voted Air Canada the Best Airline in North America with United again coming in at fourth place. Readers did name United as the Best Trans-Pacific Airline in the poll.

[Photo: United Airlines]

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john.scs December 9, 2014

UA's sorry excuse for customer service is a huge disappointment to UA flyers - especially its MileagePlus members. If those of us who have to fly UA often didn't have to put up with such an abysmal airline and its abuse, this article would be positively HILARIOUS!!! Seriously???!!! The most stingy FF program in the industry? The spartan United Club lounges? The inedible "meals" on international flights? Charging pax $7 for a drink on a 14-hour flight? The taciturn FAs in the Economy cabin? Oh - and how about charging a fortune in fees to upgrade to Business Class, on top of the miles? This Global Traveler magazine must be a scam or published by people who have never had to fly with UA (or with its much better competition). And I don't think the "new" United is much better than the "old" United: As a bigger airline, it just inconveniences and disappoints more passengers on a larger scale.

swm61230 December 3, 2014


halls120 December 3, 2014

Is it April 1st already

moops380 December 3, 2014

hahahahahha. airline of the year. stand up job!

December 2, 2014

The author of this article either knows nothing about the airline industry, or the entire article is a joke and he simply forgot the humor. Read here for some context: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/united-airlines-mileageplus/1633120-global-traveler-names-united-airlines-its-2014-airline-year.html