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United Airlines Airlines Will Now Fly to Tahiti!

Starting October 30, 2018, United Airlines will begin flying to Tahiti. This is the 13th international route announced by the airline this year. From United:

“United Airlines (UAL), the leading carrier in the San Francisco Bay Area, today announced it will begin service between San Francisco and Pape’ete, the capital of Tahiti, the South Pacific’s gateway to more than 118 islands in French Polynesia including Bora Bora, Moorea, the Marquesas and Raiatea. United is the only U.S. carrier offering nonstop service to Tahiti from the mainland United States. Tickets are now available for purchase.”


To read more on this story, go to United Airlines. For more FlyerTalk on the topic, head to this thread.

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RUAMKZ December 31, 2017

I was hoping for BKK, too. Especially with the lack of it on TG or any US carrier. The timing of this, though, right after getting KEF service, smells too much like a "copy cat" move, rather than something really thought out. What is odd, is, for once, UA is going after a "leisure" market, albeit a pricey leisure market. At least it's not a "head scratcher" of a flight, like when they flew to HGH.

Annerk December 17, 2017

This will definitely be a game changer, as the Air France product is terrible outside of F and the Air Tahiti Nui business product has angled lie flat which we all know are useless.

joban December 14, 2017

Yeah, but we were hoping for Bangkok.

USAoz December 14, 2017

interesting as French Blue have also announced it, subject to U.S. approval. French Blue are a much better & cheaper airline than United, although that wouldn't be a hard act to better.