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Unexpected Delivery on Southwest Flight Results in Emergency Landing, Baby & Mother Doing Well


Southwest flight makes an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport after a woman gave birth shortly after takeoff.

A Southwest Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing on Tuesday after receiving an unexpected delivery. KTLA reports that Southwest Flight 623, en route to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) from San Francisco International Airport (SFO), made diverted to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after a woman gave birth on the aircraft.

According to KTLA, the situation began shortly after WN623 departed SFO at 6:24 a.m. Not long after takeoff, the unnamed woman went into labor. A doctor and nurse who happened to be on the same flight assisted the mother. They were able to successfully deliver the child and provide care until the aircraft landed at LAX.

“Luckily a nurse and doctor were on board,” Southwest spokeswoman Emily Samuels told San Francisco radio station KCBS. “I can’t comment on their condition because I’m not a medical professional, but it was a pretty exciting day.”

WN623 successfully landed at LAX just over an hour after takeoff. Paramedics from the Los Angeles Fire Department met the flight and attended to the mother and child before passengers were allowed to deplane. The 111 remaining passengers boarded a different aircraft and continued to PHX approximately two hours after the emergency landing.

According to Erik Scott, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department, both mother and child were transported to a local hospital, adding that the new family is in good condition.

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