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UK’s First Close Call Between Drones and Plane

A new report by the United Kingdom Airprox Board revealed that an Airbus A320 came a little too close for comfort with two spherical drones as it made its descent into Heathrow Airport (LHR) last November. The report clarified that although the pilots maintained “constant visual contact” with the drones, one pilot warned that the aircraft would have faced a “significant risk of collision” if it had taken a different flight path than the one it was on at the time of descent.

Although a report was filed with local police, the operators of the drones remain unknown.

To read more on this story, visit BBC.

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Sydneyberlin May 3, 2017

As I keep saying, only a matter of time until something REALLY bad happens. And then, of course, everyone acts really surprised as if you could have never seen this coming...