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UK Airports to Invest in New Screening Technology for “Smoother Travel Experience”

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The department has provided a £1.8 ($2.5) tranche of funding to eight different projects which it hopes will help to enhance security at UK airports while making the screening process more comfortable for passengers. Some of these technologies could be trialed at the nation’s airports within a year.

Passengers traveling through security checkpoints in the United Kingdom might soon be able to do so without removing their footwear, the Belfast Telegraph reports. It has been announced that the country’s Department for Transport (DfT) has given £1.8 ($2.5) million worth of funds with the view to more fully develop this kind of advanced screening technology.

The DfT has at present provided funding for eight different projects, the prototypes of which could be put into trial at British airports within the next year.

Security Screening Technologies, which is based in the English county of Derbyshire, is one of the firms to benefit from the department’s funding. It is in the process of creating a step-on shoe scanner, a device that can create high-contrast imagery of footwear that can then be computer-analyzed for explosives.

This kind of technology could mean that passengers will be able to pass through security checkpoints without removing their shoes, a point that could make the current screening process smoother.

A second company, Sequestim, has also received funding from the department. The company has designed a screening system equipped with a camera that can detect and measure passengers’ radiation levels to assess whether or not they are carrying any dangerous substances.

Commenting on Twitter, the department said, “We want to make airport security even better. That’s why we, and @ukhomeoffice, are investing £1.8 ($2.5) million in projects that will use new tech to enhance security and speed up the process for passengers.”

Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg also voiced her support for the department’s funding, saying, “This latest £1.8 ($2.5) million of funding invests in innovative projects that will ensure we are continuing to capitalize on pioneering research. The aim is to have a safer and smoother travel experience for air passengers.”

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jucstransport February 27, 2018

Funny really this looks like a triumph of presentation over substance. The idea of taking shoes off is firmly planted in the US but too far from normal in the UK. To present MORE screening as a triumph of less intrusive screening really is a bit off. Does anyone smell a more draconian screening process being wrapped up in gossamer feathers?

UncleDude February 26, 2018

Why cant the UK follow the USA [The main instigators of heighten Security] and introduce Known Traveller and Global entry.System. As a UK Citizen its takes me on average 30 Minutes at awful T3 Manchester my Home UK Airport but only around 5 Minutes Security or Border Control at Miami. Somethings wrong somewhere. The worst is T3 Security at Manchester and Inbound UK Connection at T5 Heathrow. My Biggest complaint is why do wheelchairs go to The Front of The Priority Lanes delaying Premium Passengers when going to the Front of Regular Lines which usually have many more open Facilities available is faster,

Calchas February 26, 2018

I almost never remove my shoes at UK security screening. It’s only necessary if they contain a lot of metal. I don’t see that an automated shoe scanner would be much of an improvement for the passenger experience really.