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Uber Considers Aircraft Service

The transportation company has made comments about exploring the possibility of an aircraft service to pick up passengers on rooftops.

According to Yahoo Tech, the popular ride-sharing company has its sights on a new form of transportation. Uber envisions grand plans for the future, including implementing a service of VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft in order to travel short distances, side-stepping local traffic congestion in the process.

Jeff Holden, Chief Product Officer at Uber, said recently that while these plans are not a sure thing, the company is actively contemplating and exploring the idea. Holden explained that if all goes according to plan, a future wherein Uber planes pick up and drop off users atop building rooftops could become a feasible possibility within a decade.

Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden told Recode that an aircraft service “could change cities and how we work and live,” and that these plans are in line with Uber’s ultimate goal of eliminating private car ownership as alternate means of short travel become more widespread.

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