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Uber CEO Wants to Offer Passengers Better Service

Your Next Uber Ride Could Be 5x More Expensive

Dara Khosrowshahi, who is leading the firm through something of a watershed moment in terms of its
wider culture and practices, says he is looking to offer customers a better level of service. Speaking at
the WEF in Davos, he also offered insight into the departure of former CEO Travis Kalanick.

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of global ride-hailing app Uber, has said that he would like his company to
provide users with a higher quality of service, CNBC.com reports.

Revealing his vision for the company at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland,
Khosrowshahi was quoted as saying, “We want to allow the user to opt-in to a higher level of service
because right now the only higher level of service that we define is a nicer car […] And I think the car and
service are two different things so we have to bring much more fidelity into our system and we are very,
very early on that path.”

Seeking to reassure customers, Khosrowshahi also added that he wanted to guarantee that the
company would “truly stand for safety” during this time of change. In addition to unsavory allegations
regarding its wider workplace culture, Uber is reeling from a data breach as well as harsh regulatory

Khosrowshahi is leading the firm through something of a watershed moment. He succeeded founder
Travis Kalanick as the head of the firm this past August after Kalanick stepped down as CEO due to
shareholder pressure over allegations of sexual harassment at the company. Khosrowshahi also told
CNBC.com that, under Kalanick’s tenure, in terms of its wider company culture, Uber “was not pointing in the right direction.”

Speaking of Kalanick’s departure from the company, Khosrowshahi added, “In the end, the CEO of the
company has to take responsibility. I think a lot of the press coverage is difficult for him. And that’s totally understandable.”

“Travis has been there for me when I’ve needed advice as a board member. It’s a difficult time him. It’s a
difficult time for the company. But we have to look past that. […] My job is to move the company forward,” he said.

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