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UA Passenger’s Lawyer Said He Will Need Reconstructive Surgery

The lawyer of passenger David Dao – who was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight earlier this week – says he will likely need reconstructive surgery as a result of the incident.  Tom Demetrio, Dao’s attorney, claims the 69-year-old “lost two front teeth, broke his nose, and suffered a concussion,” according to Business Insider. Demetrio told reporters Thursday that Dao will be taking legal action against the airline.

For more information on this story, visit Business Insider.

[Photo: Twitter/Jayse D. Anspach]

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alian April 17, 2017

Laws should be adhere to and law enforcement should be complied But we don't live in a perfect world and things aren't so straight forward. Policiticans MUST not be corrupt, Police must do the right thing. Well in the perfect yes but in the real world mistakes happens and issues rises because we are Humans so life isn't just a simple statement of always MUST comply Rule of Law only exist because of human rights and laws are created to protect these rights but when the Law is used to take away or abuse rights then its not Law. Its a draconian system of dictatorship

payam81 April 16, 2017

Good, the more UA pays the merrier! The courts need to make an example of this case so airlines and thugs wearing badges start to watch their behavior. There is already positive progress with DL publicly declaring the significant increase in IVDB comp.

Galileo787 April 14, 2017

He was legally entitled to the boarded seat and the airline and security goons had no legal right to remove him.

Platy April 14, 2017

@kulflyer Yes, crew and law enforcement can give" lawful: orders. BUT their powers to do so are limited in scope. The legal legitimacy of the actions of both the airline and law enforcement may well be found to be lacking. Time will tell. The passenger doesn't appear to have breached the contract of carriage having already boarded the aircraft. Thus no reason for him to be instructed to leave the aircraft tor be hauled of it violently. This was NOT a security or safety issue. Nor was it an issue of "right" or "wrong": rather whether the airline and law enforcement responses were within their legal ambit. Even if legal, the law enforcement people may be found to have breached a requirement only to use reasonable force: a 69 year old, unarmed, and likely legally innocent passenger quietly going about their business nd ends top with their teeth missing, a concussion and a broken nose. Use some common sense!

aristotled April 14, 2017

Blood sucking lawyers.... UA didn’t do anything wrong, the so called Dr was out of order and needed to be removed. Yes, he got pissed on a bit, but he deserved it. It was the Chicago thugs who did what they did to him, not UA. Now they are likely to pay big time.. sad