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U.K. Sniffer Dogs Find Food, Not Drugs

After a training program that cost £1.25 million ($1.7 million USD), sniffer dogs at England’s Manchester Airport (MAN) have proven their proficiency at identifying cheese and sausages, but not at finding drugs. A security inspection at the airport found that over the course of a seven-month period, the six sniffer dogs had failed to detect any illegal class A drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, but the report found that the canines had helped airport security seize 46 kg of cigarettes and 181 kg of meat. “The deterrent effect of the detection dogs was difficult to measure, but seizures alone represented a low return on investment, given 1.25 million spent on new kennels and the costs of operating the unit,” said the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration.

To read more on this story, go to Business Insider.

[Photo: Thomson Reuters]

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