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Meal Voucher Reason Questionable

Racing driver Tom Onslow-Cole took to Twitter Friday after his Scandinavian Airlines flight from London to Stockholm was diverted to Göteborg Landvetter Airport (GOT) due to a bomb scare. No injuries were reported, and the 72 passengers onboard were evacuated safely, though the reason printed on their meal vouchers – which Onslow-Cole points out in a tweet – has been deemed questionable by some news reports.

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[Photos: Twitter/Tom Onslow-Cole]

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weero January 31, 2016

I love this! No way I'd redeem this beauty and not frame it for generations to come. But what on Earth is a "bomb scare"? I reckon that there was no actual bomb on board but there was a mere threat.

viajero boricua January 25, 2016

There's "truth in advertising", and there there's this...

DCBob January 23, 2016

Why is this even headline news? BOMB could well be shorthand or a code for bomb scare. Who cares anyway? The purpose is to get your meal paid for and the coding for internal airline use is not relevant to the customer in my opinion. Would it bother you if that box was left blank? It wouldn't matter one iota to me as long as the merchant accepted it..

AlwaysFlyStar January 22, 2016

Ha. Well, better than budget carrier where they would not have received any meal voucher!