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Two More Flyers Face FAA Penalties Totaling $19,500

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Taking a harder-line stance against disruptive behavior on aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration is pursuing fines against two more flyers at a combined total of over $19,000. The two incidents took place aboard cross-country JetBlue flights, ranging from not wearing face coverings to verbally assaulting a flight crew.

After pledging to take a harder stance against disruptive airline passengers, the Federal Aviation Administration is proposing fines against two JetBlue flyers for their actions aboard flights. In a press release, the agency announced they would be pursuing a collective total of $19,500 in fines against the pair.

Incidents Range From Blowing Nose into Blanket to Verbal Assault

The first of the two incidents took place on Dec. 27, 2020, aboard a JetBlue flight departing Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The FAA alleges the passenger was verbally abusive to flight attendants who reminded them to wear a face covering during the flight. While refusing to wear a mask, the flyer is accused of coughing and blowing their nose into a blanket. Because their behavior was disruptive and occupied the flight attendant’s time, the FAA is proposing a fine of $10,500.

The second incident took place on March 16, 2021, on another JetBlue flight from LAX to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). During the boarding process, the flyer is accused of yelling at flight attendants, slamming overhead bins and shouting profanities at the captain and crew. At one point, the flyer allegedly threatened to harass a flight attendant for the duration of the trip. Police were summoned to the aircraft, and they were ultimately removed from the terminal. The FAA is seeking a fine of $9,000 from the passenger.

Proposed FAA Fines in 2021 Extends Beyond $80,000

With the new proposed fines, fines against flyers proposed by the FAA have now extended to beyond $80,000 after the agency previously announced a round of penalties surpassing $67,000. Officials inside the FAA note that they have received over 1,300 complaints against disruptive passengers in 2021 alone, reflecting an increase of 800 percent.

Marine2531 May 18, 2021

Eh, it's called wage garnishment. Good luck getting a tax return for the next few years.

OnePatriot77 May 14, 2021

Any imposed fine may never be paid. Adding these disruptive passengers to the No Fly List should be the first priority.

MRM May 14, 2021

I hope these idiots pay a few grand to attorneys to fight these charges and end up with two bills. Too bad they weren't for more. The fines go to the FAA, a government agency. Collection methods can vary, but once they've your got name, social and contact information, they've got more than enough to hound you for years if you refuse to pay. You can't hide from fines - just like you can't hide from bankruptcy.

fastpiper May 13, 2021

Do the airlines pocket these fines? Another revenue stream?

JG_Aus May 13, 2021

They should be arrested and jailed. I hope that they are all on the "no fly" list as well.