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Chrissy Teigen to Upgrade Delta’s First Class Menu?!

Model slash multiple cookbook author slash Twitter powerhouse Chrissy Teigen got Delta Air Lines’ attention after tweeting about the curious in-flight combination of sourdough, capers, shrimp and tomato (and the threat of balsamic vinaigrette) during a recent First Class flight.

In response, Delta Air Lines’ Twitter account responded by inviting Teigen to chat about their in-flight dining options.

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eknock007 December 19, 2018

If I Joe Nobody were to complaint about the Avocado Toast, I would probable get a "Suck it up buddy" response, but more like the middle finger.

Crazy Dave December 15, 2018

Sad and pathetic. Why is she "famous" and what are her culinary credentials other than a few cookbooks that I doubt are jumping off the shelf at the bookstore?

rylan December 14, 2018

Somebody must've needed some attention from social media.

thesaints December 12, 2018

If Delta considers letting a third rate celebrity decide their catering does it mean they would let a real Hollywood heavyweight fly one of their planes ?

FLYMSY December 12, 2018

“Let’s do a super gooey biscoff brownie with cinnamon gelato and and and“ And, and, and, no thanks. Just what I don’t need on a flight - a “super gooey” anything and the addition of the cinnamon gelato goes way over the top for my taste buds. Maybe, she means this for the kids meal.