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Tweet to Indian Prime Minister Causes Panic for Jet Airways Flight

Flyer cries hijacking to politician’s account, resulting in evacuation and questioning for passenger.

A passenger aboard a diverted Jet Airways flight found out what happens when you send a tweet to the prime minister of India claiming your aircraft has been hijacked. The Hindustan Times reports that the flyer made the fake report after weather forced the aircraft to land before arrival.

Jet Airways Flight 355 departed Mumbai for Delhi without incident, but ran into a snag due to bad weather over the major city. As a result, the aircraft temporarily landed at Jaipur and was held on the ground due to air traffic congestion. Trying to speed up the process, a flyer identified only as “Nitin” decided to ask Indian prime minster Narendra Modi for help – by claiming the aircraft was hijacked.

The erroneous message caused a full security response at the airport, including the evacuation of all those aboard the aircraft. The individual was discovered by law enforcement officials and was questioned about the incident. As a result, the aircraft was further delayed in getting to Delhi.

“The information was promptly shared with the concerned authorities,” a spokesperson for Jet Airways told the Hindustan Times about the incident. “Including the CISF, and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and local law enforcement agencies in line with standard operating procedures.”

It was unclear if the passenger was allowed to continue flying to Delhi, or if he was arrested for sending the tweet to the prime minister. The flight carried a total of 176 passengers and eight crew members, and was ultimately allowed to fly to Delhi after the situation was cleared.

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