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Turtle Delays Jetstar Flight & It’s Not His First Time

A Jetstar flight bound for Adelaide was delayed upon departure from Gold Coast Airport (OOL) on Thursday after a turtle made its way onto the runway. The pilot was worried about the possibility of the turtle being sucked into the craft upon takeoff, so airport staff were called to remove the animal.

An Adelaide-bound Jetstar flight from Gold Coast Airport (OOL) was delayed on Thursday night after a turtle made its way onto the tarmac, The Independent reports. The pilot was concerned that the turtle’s proximity to the right side of the craft could see it pulled into the plane’s right engine during departure. As a precautionary measure, the pilot contacted the facility’s air traffic control, who then arranged for the animal to be removed.

According to a Jetstar spokesperson, this was the second time that day that the turtle had found its way onto the runway.

Commenting to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, they said, “They said he’d been up there earlier in the day as well. It was the second time they’d had to move him.

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Mr. Vker July 8, 2019

Its the old story of the turtle and the hareplane.