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Turbulence Causes Terrifying Qantas Nosedive Over Ocean

The First A380 for Australian Carrier QANTAS arrived at Sydney's International Airport on Sunday morning from Toulouse France. Staff and onlookers swarmed Sydney Airport for their first glimpse of the superjumbo.

On Sunday night, an Airbus A380 operated by Qantas took a sudden and terrifying nosedive while flying over the Pacific Ocean en route to Melbourne from Los Angeles due to severe wake turbulence from a separate Qantas flight in the air.

“We understand that any sudden turbulence can be a jolt for passengers but aircraft are designed to handle it safely,” said Qantas Fleet Safety Captain Debbie Slade to Business Insider. “As the Captain explained to passengers at the time, this A380 experienced a short burst of wake turbulence from another A380 flying ahead and above it.”

To read more on this story, go to Business Insider.

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Mordor2112 July 27, 2018

On other news a bus travelling on the freeway hit a small rock, and Passengers reported seeing a fly smashed against the windshield.

itsMoe June 14, 2018

"On Jun 14th 2018 Qantas' chief pilot explained the trailing aircraft QF-94 encountered some wake turbulence from the leading aircraft QF-12 20nm ahead and 1000 feet above, the wake turbulence caused a jolt to the aircraft for a short period of time with pitch variations of up to 3 degrees. The aircraft climbed maybe 100 feet and descended back to its cruising altitude, the captain took action to avoid further exposure to the wake vortex. There were no injuries and no damage. The occurrence has been reported to the ATSB and the aircraft manufacturer." Hardly a terrifying nosedive.

Himeno June 14, 2018

There was no "nosedive".