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TSA Warns Spooky Flyers to Be Smart This Halloween


In order to avoid delays while traveling this Halloween, the TSA is encouraging flyers to pack their props, costumes and jewelry appropriately.

The TSA is warning travelers who plan on flying with their Halloween costumes and props to be aware of certain rules before heading to the airport. Bob Burns reminded travelers in a post on The TSA Blog earlier this month that “realistic replica items and props such as guns, scythes, pitch forks, chainsaws, butcher knives, grenades, axes, bombs, swords, machetes and other realistic weapons” should never be transported in carry-on bags, as they are prohibited.

Burns also stressed that it is “never OK” to pack anything that looks like explosives, such as grenades, land mines, rocket launchers, shells and bombs, even in checked luggage. All items, including those that are obvious fakes, will be subject to inspection by explosive experts, which can delay flights or bags.

Apparel and accessories can also spook security. Actress Lena Dunham appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this year and recounted how TSA agents at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) pulled her aside over a cat keychain they determined was a “weapon.” Dunham said she was held by the agents for hours before they confiscated the keychain and released her with a warning.

Even costumes that might be showcasing your Halloween spirit can make TSA scanners howl. In 2013, TSA agents at LaGuardia Airport (LGA) seized a pair of shoes from a woman because the heels were replicas of guns. The traveler might’ve known to leave those heels at home if she’d read the blog entry from the TSA posted on November 1, 2011, which specifically warned passengers against wearing attire with guns, knives and ammunition, even on Halloween. In another 2011 incident, a 17-year-old was stopped by TSA agents at Jackson International Airport (JAX) who confiscated her purse because it had a replica of a gun on the front.

To avoid a ghoulish experience at the airport this Halloween, be sure to pack all tricks and treats in your checked luggage.

[Photo: TSA via RT]

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