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TSA Reminds Rapper that LAX is No Gangsta’s Paradise

Every Friday, FlyerTalk looks back at the week’s most charming individuals. While there are always plenty of contenders for our Worst Passenger of the Week award, only one lucky flyer can take home the glory. Here are this week’s winners.

Third Place – Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Jet2 Airlines has made a policy of bringing the hammer down on passengers who misbehave during flights, so it’s no surprise that justice was swift for the six allegedly drunk and abusive passengers who disrupted a Newcastle Airport (NCL) to Tenerife South-Reina Sofia Airport (TFS)-bound flight. The airline informed the sextet of over-indulging holiday travelers that they were no longer welcome to fly on the ultra-low-fare-carrier.

Officials did, however, give some indication of weighing the severity of the offenses against the ultimate punishment or at least taking aggravating and mitigating circumstances into account in this case. While all of the disruptive passengers soon learned that they would now be persona non grata on the airline, in a gesture of goodwill, three of the misbehaving flyers were permitted to fly home on already purchased return tickets at the end of their trip. The other three party-animal passengers were simply told to find their own way home from the Spanish Isle.

“This group were rude and aggressive to our cabin crew after drinking illicit alcohol, and they should be in no doubt that the consequences of such behavior will not be accepted,” the airline said in a pointed statement. “We want our customers to have an enjoyable flight experience without the actions of a disruptive few spoiling it and we will take all necessary action to stamp it out.”

Jet2 officials pointed out that the group of troublemakers was covertly drinking from their own supply of liquor. The airline has campaigned to require all duty-free shops at airports to place liquor bottles in sealed bags that passengers cannot easily access during flights.

The Runners-up – A Bold Move in a Doomed to Fail Gambit

A couple who arrived late for their Air China flight at Beijing Capital International Airport (BJS) reportedly made the curious decision to run onto the tarmac in an attempt to board the flight which was already preparing to depart. The husband and wife are said to have shoved past and pushed gate agents to the ground on the way to gaining access to the ramp area through a restricted exit.

Upon reaching the plane, the plan began to unravel. Crew members did not immediately open the airplane door to greet the tardy passengers and welcome them aboard, so the couple decided to raise the stakes. According to police, the woman squatted under the plane with her luggage and refused to move unless the pair were allowed to board the plane. Unfortunately for the two travel companions, the airline called her bluff and police eventually took both passengers into custody.

While the tense game of chicken with a large passenger jet didn’t have the desired effect of saving the duo from the inconvenience of a missed flight, the antics did manage to cause passengers who showed up on time to be delayed for about 20 minutes. Those with a window seat were, however, provided with complimentary entertainment during the bizarre standoff with police.

In the end, the star-crossed trespassers were not given the option of rebooking seats on a later flight. Instead, police gave them a chance for a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of air travel to stop and smell the roses (albeit from a jail cell). The husband and wife reportedly both remained in custody for five days following the failed showdown with the airline.

The Winner – Not Cool, Coolio! Not Cool!

Rapper, actor and host of Cookin’ with Coolio, Artis Leion Ivey, Jr, better known as Coolio was arrested on Saturday at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after a loaded handgun was reportedly found in his carry-on bag at an airport security checkpoint. To make matters worse, police say the gun had previously been reported stolen.

The former Warner Brothers recording artist is now facing charges including possession of a firearm by a felon. A member of Coolio’s entourage is said to have originally claimed ownership of the bag in which the stolen gun was found, but after witness statements were taken and personal items belonging to Coolio were found in the carry-on, police say Ivey admitted the bag was his. Coolio had already boarded his flight by the time police took him into custody. The body guard who at first claimed responsibility for the bag was later released without charges.

This isn’t the first time Coolio has tangled with TSA at LAX. In March of 2009, screeners found crack cocaine in his luggage. In that instance, the rapper was accused of assaulting security personnel while trying to prevent a search of his carry-on bag. Battery charges were later dropped after Coolio agreed to enter a guilty plea to felony cocaine possession charges.

After his arrest at LAX, Coolio posted a video to YouTube thanking fans for their support and terming this most recent incident a “misunderstanding.” The short video was filmed at a Los Angeles area PF Chang’s where the rapper was enjoying what appeared to be an order of the Singapore Firecracker Chicken shortly after making bail.

[Photo: Facebook/Coolio]

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bmustaf October 7, 2016

Going to PF Chang's is the real crime here.