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TSA Fails to Spot 80% of Weapons In Surprise Test

If you fly regularly, then you’re probably familiar with the seemingly close eye that TSA keeps on security. So, it may or may not surprise you that a test found that TSA is actually not that great on ensuring that unauthorized items don’t make it on the plane. A test conducted by the Department of Homeland Security found that TSA failed to discover 80 percent of the mock weapons that agents smuggled through security checkpoints, according to an article on Get.com.

The Department of Homeland Security routinely tests TSA checkpoints in order to find where things need to be improved. For the recent test, undercover agents posed as passengers and attempted to smuggle in items. TSA agents reportedly only found weapons and other dangerous items in baggage around 20 percent of the time.

Although an 80 percent failure rate sounds alarming, it is actually an improvement over past tests. A similar test in 2015 found that TSA had 95 percent failure rate in detecting forbidden weapons. Given that the tests are designed to show where things can be improved it does look like TSA is doing a better job than they were two years ago.

The numbers can sound frustrating but they do indicate an improvement, so there may be an actual reason for removing your shoes and opening your bag. Also, the test was nationwide which means that some airports probably have better security screening than others.

While there is still obvious room for improvement and much work that needs to be done, at least the scores indicate a step in the right direction.





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so after what 16 years this is the best they can do? Compare that "success" rate to the amount of time/money/effort/distress this has caused. If the TSA were a private company the House and Senate would be having hearings and calling the CEO up to humiliate them publicly.

mike2003242 December 14, 2017

I have to say, I'm pretty darn impressed! They are much better than I thought they were!!

jonsg December 11, 2017

To be fair, in 205 they'd have been looking for slings, gladii and spears, and they wouldn't have had an X-ray machine.

SouthernBanker December 11, 2017

So what you're saying is that over zealous TSA agents rubbing my crotch isn't making anyone any safer? Well FMR.........

Orange County Commuter December 11, 2017

They are great at making sure you take your FOOD out of your bag, your gun.... not so much! And their response to this will be to increase harassment, as if that's the problem