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TSA Decides Not to Allow Small Knives on Planes

The Associated Press is reporting that the Transportation Security Administration has decided against allowing small knives, bats, golf clubs and hockey sticks on planes.

John Pistole, the TSA’s Administrator, said the administration would instead focus on other programs and initiatives.

The proposal was first released in March for implementation April 25. After much ire and concern among the traveling public and airlines, the TSA announced on April 23 that they would delay the initiation. Last month, a group of 145 members of the House signed an open letter urging Pistole against the proposal.

For more information see the story in USA Today.

UPDATED 12.49 PST. The Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions has released a statement commending the TSA for its actions.

“Terrorists armed only with knives killed thousands of Americans on 9/11/2001,” the statement read. “As the women and men on the front lines in the air, we vowed to do everything in our power to protect passengers and flight crews from harm and prevent that type of atrocity from happening ever again. We commend the TSA for revising its policy based on input from front line aviation workers with the greatest stake in the rule change. The result is better security policy and the assurance that our nation’s aviation security system continues to be vigilant for knives that could be used in a terrorist attack or criminal act against passengers or crew.”

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June 5, 2013

Welcome to the unending war of terror, folks. We will never again be so foolish as to let down our guard, our shield of terror, for even a moment ever again as long as the world turns.

CDKing June 5, 2013

At least my scissors are still allowed (Well except for the certian foreign carrier that confiscated my 2in scisssors)