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TSA Confiscates .22 Caliber “Pen Gun” in Carry-On

A gun the size and shape of a pen designed to fire real bullets might be able to trick the villains in Hollywood movies, but TSA screeners weren’t fooled for a second.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) took to Instagram this week to show off a unique firearm confiscated at an Orlando International Airport (MCO) security checkpoint. The “pen pistol” posted with the hashtag #TSAGoodCatch was found among a passenger’s carry-on items on December 30.

According to a report by Orlando NBC affiliate WESH, the small firearm was designed to fire a single .22 caliber bullet. Airport sources told the television station that the pen pistol was unloaded and not in working condition when it was seized. The unique gun was described as “more of family heirloom than a weapon.”

A TSA spokesman told reporters that the passenger who owned the small firearm was allowed to board his flight after surrendering the item. The unidentified flyer was not arrested or charged with a crime, but could still face stiff civil penalties for attempting to bring the device through the TSA checkpoint.

Oddly enough, this is not the first time TSA screeners have discovered a weapon of this sort. In November of 2012, TSA screeners discovered a similar device, also in a passenger’s carry-on bag, at Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE). In this case, the pen-sized gun was not only in working order but loaded as well. TSA screeners reported at the time that the passenger was insistent that the gun was an ordinary pen, but eventually realized that his cover was blown and admitted his “ordinary pen” was, in fact, a loaded gun.

[Photo: TSA]

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alphaod January 23, 2016

Isn't making a copy of money illegal?

payam81 January 23, 2016

TSA does have discretion on arrests. The article doesn't describe the pax but probably he/she was convincing enough that it was just an oversight and he/she obviously didn't pose any threat. As the article mentions although no criminal charges were brought up, it's still possible that Uncle Sam would stick it to him with a fine.

Lakeviewsteve January 22, 2016

They should have been arrested. The fact they weren't stinks IMHO !