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TSA Agents Rant About Passengers in Secret Facebook Group

Employees of another government agency—this time the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)—were just found to have yet another secret Facebook group where they complain about the job and badmouth passengers, similar to the Department of Homeland Security’s secret group unearthed a few months ago.

Some employees of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may be in hot water pretty soon as the discovery of a secret Facebook group for agents has come to light. Similar to the Department of Homeland Security group that was discovered earlier this year, the group is populated with TSA employees who complain about the job and passengers they encounter during the workday. About 18,000 TSA agents were members of the now-deleted page, called TSA Breakroom.

The posts in TSA Breakroom mostly focused on venting about management and passengers, which led to a large amount of racist, homophobic, and bigoted posts. Content included agents making fun of Chinese passengers, ranting about gender identity regulations, pictures of people the agents considered overweight, and a mass amount of posts referring to passengers as idiots.

The TSA has acknowledged the group exists, but note that it’s not under the agency’s purview.

“It is a private site that is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by TSA,” a TSA spokesperson told the Daily Mail. “As such, TSA does not monitor the site. The Code of Conduct for TSA employees provides that an employee’s off-duty internet use must not adversely reflect on TSA or negatively impact its mission, cause embarrassment to the agency, or cause the public and/or TSA to question the employee’s reliability, judgment, or trustworthiness.”

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OverTheHorizon November 10, 2019

A Facebook group of TSA staff salting pad ? They should come and read our secret pax page and see what we write about THEM 😁😁😁

Moyerclan November 7, 2019

It was a private group, I have no problem with it. All workers gripe over bosses, customers and so on. The poor sods are low paid, low respect and in a very public situation. I can admit that folks in the medical field need to decompress a bit also within private groups. As long as it stays there its therapeutic.

KRSW November 5, 2019

They still need to strip these buffoons of their blue shirts and tin stars. Their egos didn't seem as inflated, and they looked far more professional before the faux-cop uniforms.

arrow2fast November 4, 2019

I think that the passengers should have an OPEN and PUBLIC group where they can trash obnoxious TSA agents, including their names, and give them score, depending how annoying and incompetent the agent was. much more useful than rating the passengers. We, the passengers, do not get paid from the taxpayers money for flying, and hence don't have to strive to attain high standard of professionalism. right?

junglematt November 4, 2019

The mouth breathers are calling the passengers idiots? Keep the group. It's not as if my (or anyone else's) opinion of the TSA can get any worse.