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TSA Agents Celebrating Oscar Nominations for “Get Out”

National Public Radio reports that, thanks in part to the heroic portrayal of TSA Agent Rod Williams, the film Get Out has captured a unique and especially dedicated fan base.

Though not the star of the film, TSA Officer Rod Williams is arguably the hero of the Oscar-nominated horror film Get Out. Even without revealing spoilers, it isn’t hard to guess why rank-and-file TSA employees are big fans of LilRel Howery’s portrayal of the TSA Officer and dedicated best friend to Daniel Kaluuya’s Chris Washington in the film which was just nominated for four Oscars – including for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and a Best Actor nomination for Kaluuya.

Last year, when the film was released, Buzzfeed declared in a March 6 article that “TSA Officer Rod Williams From ‘Get Out’ Is The Real Hero.” It seems that a growing cross-section of social media and one particular group of federal employees agree vehemently with that assessment.

Now, National Public Radio’s (NPR) Neda Ulaby reports that TSA agents across the United States are celebrating the film’s success as a badge of honor. After all, positive depictions of the TSA are few and far between – both in fiction and in news accounts.

Officer Rod’s over-the-top but loyal and endearing comportment on screen seems to have struck a chord with his real life counterparts at the TSA. In one sense, Officer Rod’s popularity with airport screeners is no surprise – with the deadpan delivery of lines like, “I’m T-S-mother-f***ing-A; We handle S**t” and “You guys are detectives. You know, I got the same training. We might know more than y’all sometimes, you know, ’cause we are dealing with some terrorist shit,” the character was all-but-guaranteed to capture the hearts of TSA workers.

“It made me proud,” 10-year TSA veteran Shekna Givens told Ulaby about the way the agency was represented in the film. “He took his job seriously. There was pride in what he did. There wasn’t a mockery made of him.”

On awards night, there will be plenty of celebrities dressed in designer clothes on the red carpet pulling for Get Out to take home an Oscar (or two), but at airports around the country there will also be a contingent of blue shirt-wearing federal employees working security checkpoints who might also be cheering for the film as well.

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monvoyage January 25, 2018

You guys, this is a great movie with multiple Oscar nominations!! Extremely entertaining....not your usual horror movie at all....more of a black comedy (no pun intended) with some pointed underlying social observations... I encourage anyone who enjoys quality entertainment to see it. I don't think it'll win best picture, but it should definitely be in contention for best original screenplay. I absolutely loved it. And guess where I saw it? On a plane, of course. :)

Dublin_rfk January 25, 2018

So Hollyweird found a positive representation of the most loved(?) people in the US of A. What’s next a positive portrait of Adolf?

KRSW January 25, 2018

Gotta love it... the only positive portrayal of TSA in a film is a horror film. Sounds about right. and thank you for warning me so I can spend my $15 elsewhere.

Dalo January 25, 2018

ThInk I need to see this film after hearing the quotes . Sounds like fun . A little encouragement for TSA people bound to help as well .

FlyingNone January 24, 2018

Based on the genre and language, we can see why TSA employees would see this as something positive (????????????).