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TSA Agent at PIT Charged With Multiple Offenses After Inappropriate Texts to Teen

John Serak was arrested earlier this week and has been suspended from his job at PIT following a year-long investigation.

A Transportation Security Administration agent (TSA) at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) has been suspended from his job and charged with a host of offenses after an investigation found that he had been sexting a young teenager.

Agent John Serak, 51, was the subject of an investigation which began back in March 2016. The 13-year-old girl, who the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports was a friend of Serak’s daughter, told her parents about the inappropriate texts, which made her feel “uncomfortable.”

The case was brought forward to Allegheny County Police last spring. At this point, a detective posed as the girl using her phone, which had been confiscated during the investigation. The paper reports that, between March and October 2016, multiple texts were exchanged between Serak and the agent posing as the girl.

These messages were logged as part of the case and the paper reports that Serak, a former police officer, asked to see photos of the girl from the “waist up and waist down” and told her that she’d look “hot” in a bathing suit.

In his exchanges with the girl, Serak also warned her to delete his explicit messages. He was arrested on Tuesday and charged with attempted indecent assault on a person under age 16, criminal use of a communication facility, attempted corruption of a minor, unlawful contact with a minor and criminal solicitation.

Michelle Negron, a spokesperson for the TSA, told the paper via e-mail that Serak had been suspended from his role with the TSA at PIT. “TSA does not tolerate illegal, unethical or immoral conduct. TSA is cooperating with local law enforcement officials as they continue to investigate the allegation,” she confirmed.

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AAJetMan March 19, 2017

The cop-a-feels and skeleton scans were just a tease.

Boggie Dog March 17, 2017

But TSA mandates that TSA screeners like this guy routinely feel up travelers!