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Trump Gets Trolled by His Own Building

Trump’s own building ridiculed him for a little while, thanks to a projection from an artistic protester.

Washington DC artist Robin Bell had a few choice words for President Trump on Monday night. At about 9:30 p.m., the facade of the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue displayed three messages in a row, all projected onto the building by Bell. Every projection was positioned right above one of the entrances to the hotel, with the letters about a foot or two tall.

One of the messages showed an arrow pointing to the entrance of the hotel, with the phrase “Pay Trump Bribes Here.” Another displayed a Turkish flag and the words “Emoluments Welcome,” potentially because Trump is due to meet with the Turkish president later this week. A third display was Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the emoluments clause in the Constitution, the one Trump has allegedly violated in his short time in office so far.

Bell told The Washington Post that he displayed the letters with a big video projector on the 12th Street side of the building. A passerby saw him at 9:30, but he was gone within an hour. Bell also told the Post that a couple people he thought were security guards told him he shouldn’t be projecting anything onto the building. In response, Bell packed up and went home.

Some have questioned the authenticity of the photographs showing the projection, which first appeared on social media. But the letters appear to conform to the stone entrance’s shape, giving the photos more credibility – add in the artist himself and the witness, and the writing’s definitely on the wall.

[Photo: Liz Gorman]

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liztravels May 18, 2017

I do not come to this site to read whiny comments so I guess we all lose. I enjoyed this article and found it relevant to the 'hotels' category it was posted under.

May 18, 2017

Most of us are here for travel issues and wish to avoid the political drama. What is wrong with you FT?

Cyclops1771 May 18, 2017

I'll probably end up being banned for this, but...I get it. People HATE Trump. Guess what? People hated Obama. People hated GWB. People hated Clinton. People hated Reagan. "Trump get trolled by his own building"? That's the headline you chose to represent a story about some random protesting guy who may or may not have projected an image on a building? Is traffic so low, FT needs to stoop to click-baiting users into visiting the site?

hammie May 18, 2017

I'm curious as to 1) why this is relevant to FT? Yes, obvious one, it's under the Hotels section. 2) What address would the artist use if Obama or Clinton were in office? Some community organization in South Chicago for O? The Rose law firm for the Clintons?

wanderer35 May 18, 2017

How is this article "flyertalk" ??? I do not come to this site to read ploitics. Stick to the subject.