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Trump Doesn’t Have as Many Hotels As You Might Think

Despite the publicity surrounding U.S. President Donald Trump and his real estate, The Trump Organization has just 11 hotels according to its website. For comparison, Trump only has one brand of hotel while competing company Hilton has 13, such as Waldorf Astoria and Double Tree. The most recent hotel in the collection – which opened last week – is in Vancouver.

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DonCarpenter March 3, 2017

Was this article written for children? I think most people know that there are only a few Trump hotels. Hilton is hardly a competitor.

Chevelter March 2, 2017

That's true - and he just licenses his name to some of the properties - but in January Eric Danziger, the CEO of Trump's hotel-management company, said the firm was planning to triple the number of US hotel locations in the next four to eight years. The membership fee to Mar a Lago, Trump's Florida country club property, doubled from $100,000 to $200,000 when he was elected. Trump has not meaningfully divested himself from his business at all. More conflict of interest, and leveraging his position for personal profit.

SFO777 March 2, 2017

Still obsessed I see. Get over it, you lost.