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Travel Firm Sued After Hotel Guest Drowns in Pool

Travel firm Thomas Cook faces suit after a hotel guest drowns in a pool after-hours.

London travel and leisure firm Thomas Cook PLC is facing legal action after an English man died on holiday in Greece on a holiday package booked through the company.

TravelMole reports that 26 year-old Shane Virmani, of Ilford, London, died after being pulled into a swimming pool at the Mirage Studios Complex on the Greek island Crete in August 2012. The trip was part of Thomas Cook’s “Club 18-30” holiday package.

Virmani’s family alleges Thomas Cook breached its contract and duty of care by selecting a resort that did not abide by Greek law. Specifically, the suit said that the pool was not supervised, not fully lit at night, and should not have been closed at the time the incident occurred.


Court papers refer to CCTV footage, which reportedly shows the pool around 5 a.m. The pool was open and guests were being served alcohol from an adjacent bar. At 5:50 a.m. Virmani sat by the side of the swimming pool and was then pulled in by a friend. A few minutes later, a hotel staff member appeared and told everyone to leave the pool. Hotel guests who returned to the pool about 20 minutes later in search of their room keys reportedly discovered Virmani’s body.

“We would like to reiterate our heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of Mr. Virmani,” a Thomas Cook representative said. “Our resort and welfare teams offered every support and assistance possible to the family and friends of the deceased not only at the time, but also following this tragic incident.

“As this is now subject to legal proceedings, we are unable to provide further comments at this time, so as not to unduly influence any possible outcome.”

Thomas Cook Group PLC is a travel and leisure firm with fiscal 2014 sales of over £8.5 billion. The company employs 22,000 works in 15 markets and serves over 22 million travelers per year.

[Photos: Evening Standard, CCTV]

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Cupart October 15, 2015

Tragic event, but let's turn it the other way around. If there wasn't a life guard on duty (at 5.50 a.m) wouldn't one expect (without reasonable doubt) that the victim should NOT have used the facilities (i.e .the pool) as it could have caused a fatal accident which it did? Isn't the bar just as much at fault for having served alcohol to a (maybe) intoxicated person who very much could have been in a position to hurt him/herself as the person who pulled the the victim into the pool?

AAJetMan October 15, 2015


October 13, 2015

*...and caused a possibly impaired individual to drown..."

October 13, 2015

I feel sorry for Mr. Virmani. This incident is unfortunate. However, he chose to engage in activities near the pool while also consuming alcohol. That his friend pulled him into the pool and caused a possibly impaired individual into the pool truly is a tragedy. This isn't Thomas Cook's fault. There are several factors at play here. I'd like to know how much Mr. Virmani chose to drink.

celsius1939 October 13, 2015

A friend pulled him in? Why would you sue the travel company? Nobody asked him to fool around a pool. Frivolous suit.