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Stray Puppy Adopted on Philippines Holiday

Emmy Karnot, a tourist vacationing in the Philippines, flew a stray mongrel named Buddy home to Germany after bonding with him during her three-month stay. Buddy was one of two recently born puppies who were living underneath an old police car, and after Karnot asked a police officer about a potential birthday celebration bonfire on the beach, the officer handed her Buddy, saying, “Happy birthday.”

Karnot wrote on Facebook that “my only thought was [what] if I do everything wrong, because I never had a dog before. [But I thought] if he stays with me, it’s better than there. So I accepted his present and adopted Buddy, he was so small.”

Buddy is acclimating to his new life in Germany by experiencing snow, making friends with swans, learning how to surf, and celebrating Christmas with his new owners.

To read more on this story, go to the Daily Mail.




[Photos: Emmy Karnot]

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Lakeviewsteve January 22, 2016

I'm so thrilled for you! das ist Ausgezeichnet !

bhomburg January 21, 2016

Awesome! I try to act as flight companion for such animals every time I fly!

AAJetMan January 19, 2016

sounds like a happy ending for all. Very nice.

IBobi January 19, 2016

That is one cute puppy!