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Tokyo Hotel Has a Cockpit in the Room

So you’ve just gotten off a ridiculously long flight to Tokyo. What do you want to do now? Well, for guests at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu close to Haneda International Airport, they may want to get back into a plane—but as a pilot with a new flight simulator the hotel has installed in one of the rooms.

Heading to Tokyo and not tired of planes after the flight there? Check into the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu near Haneda International Airport, and you can try flying a Boeing plane yourself.

In the hotel’s new “Superior Cockpit Room,” available for booking starting July 18, guests can book a 90-minute flying session in a full-size flight simulator inside the room. You’ll pilot a Boeing 737-800 on a trip from Haneda to Osaka, with a flight instructor on hand. Using the simulator will cost about USD $277 (30,000 yen), and to sleep in the room is about USD $234 (25,300 yen) more.

It cost about USD $92,000 to add the flight simulator into the room—that’s about 10 million yen, hotel public relations manager Aki Hagiwara told CNN. The whole point of adding it in was to differentiate the hotel from the slew of other hotels in Tokyo; this one fully embraces the airport theme and tends to attract aviation enthusiasts in addition to the regular guests heading through Tokyo every day. It was the hotel’s general manager’s idea to add the flight simulator.

Would you enjoy trying out the simulator? Join the conversation in the FlyerTalk forums.


[Images: Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu]

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YOWisHome July 17, 2019

At that pricing this is not a certified training device. It will not be able to be tracked as hours.

cplunk July 13, 2019

So, the room costs extra, which seems perfectly reasonable. But then, even after booking the room, it costs extra to use the simulator? I'll pass. But I'd assume that professional airline pilots would be able to expense, and possibly able to book the time spent as required training? I can see that being a bonus for them. Hopefully they aren't up all night training instead of sleeping...