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To Lounge or Not To Lounge: FlyerTalk Tracks Down The Facts on Priority Pass

After FlyerTalkers posted an urgent thread about the future of restaurant credits through Priority Pass Select, we went on the case to find out the truth of the matter. The facts remain the same: depending on who issues your Priority Pass, you may still have non-lounge benefits after all.

A thread on the FlyerTalk forums left many asking: “Will I still have Priority Pass Select restaurant benefits as I travel around the world?” The good news is that you still may – depending on which credit card grants your Priority Pass membership.

The thread started Thursday, July 12, 2019, when a FlyerTalker posted a link he received in his email inbox. Their urgent call was clear: “Non lounge airport experiences will be removed from Priority Pass.”

This left some FlyerTalkers confused. On the forums, mathprof responded: “Is your Priority Pass membership from an Amex card? That was announced earlier. If not, it is bad news for Chase and Citibank premium card holders.” FlyerTalker dhuey countered: “It looks like the [Priority Pass Select] card issued via Chase Sapphire Reserve will still work for the restaurant credits. I sense a mess ahead, with lots of angry Amex cardholders surprised to see they get no [Priority Pass] credit.”

The confusion came from a message distributed to those receiving Priority Pass Select membership through The Platinum Card from American Express. In May 2019, American Express noted they would drop “non-lounge experiences” from their membership, which includes restaurant credits. According to Priority Pass, some “non-lounge experiences” would remain, including credits at Minute Suite locations and benefits at locations in Dubai International Airport (DXB) and London Gatwick Airport (LGW).

But the page states that the changes only affects those who receive membership from American Express. When we reached out to Priority Pass to confirm that those getting the card other sources would not change, they deferred comment to the financial institutions.

When we reached out to Chase for comment, they reassured FlyerTalk that their benefits would not change. A spokesperson for Chase replied: “There are no changes to the Sapphire Reserve card’s Priority Pass Select membership.”

As of today, the answer is clear. The membership changes only affect those who get their Priority Pass Select membership from American Express. If you have the card from another source, your “non-lounge benefits” are safe until otherwise announced.

But like all things in life, benefits are subject to change without notice.


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