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Tinie Tempah’s Tantrum Over Dirty British Airways Plane

Image Source: Walterlan Papetti/Wikimedia

Rapper Tinie Tempah recently called British Airways out on Twitter for consistently having dirty planes. He shared two videos of his seat—one of the crumbs left behind and another of a stained pillow.

What Tinie Found

Tinie was in the process of wiping down his seat with wipes to avoid lingering coronavirus COVID-19 infection, but in the meantime, he discovered plenty of crumbs on his seat to imply that British Airways didn’t clean.

“I’m wiping down this aircraft now ‘cos of coronavirus but quick question though—BA why are your planes always so dirty?” he asked in his first video, while zooming into the crumbs, the Mirror reported. “What’s this about? How can mans spend so much money on a ticket and the seats are always so dirty.”

He posted a second video after looking at his pillow, which appeared to have a large red wine stain on it.

“Look at this man. It’s f***ing nasty. Sort it out BA man,” he said in the video.

What British Airways Said

In response to Tinie Tempah’s videos, British Airways insisted it cleaned its planes thoroughly after every long-haul flight.

“Our customers rightly expect our aircraft to be clean and we insist on very high standards of cleanliness,” the airline said in a statement to the Mirror. “Our long-haul aircraft receive a thorough clean after every flight. This includes the cleaning of seats, seat pockets, tray tables, galleys, toilets, floors and the aircraft interior generally.”

The airline then asked Tinie via Twitter for more information: “We’re sorry to see this, Tinie. Can you DM the details of the flight you’re on today, please? We may need to ask you some more questions for data protection.”

This incident comes as British Airways is already struggling with coronavirus COVID-19; two baggage handlers for the airline have contracted the disease. They’re currently isolated and at home, the airline said in a statement.

What FlyerTalkers Think

A lack of cleanliness on British Airways planes seems to be commonplace, though, FlyerTalkers note. They’ve reported Club World flights being filthy, cursory cleaning at best, bloody tissues between seats, empty minibar bottles, crumbs, gunk, and stains.

ElSemm March 16, 2020

Agree aircraft cleaning standards are poor on BA. I take around 30 flights per year and there's regularly rubbish left behind and dirty tray tables etc - particularly in CW. Last flight Saturday and for a change the seat areas were clean, but the toilet actually needed replacing......

fliegwech March 16, 2020

as usual BA lies. On all recent flights with BA the seats were dirty and "stuff"" left. yes I know the cleaner are underpaid and still doing this job but in these times motivated stuff is essential.

MimiB22 March 14, 2020

Airline brass don't fly the planes, they don't see the conditions on planes and the assurances that planes are well cleaned comes from self reporting by ground crew. We've all seen how cursory cleaning is... I've been on planes when crew comes down the aisle with trash bags asking passengers to clean out the seat pockets and their seating areas. NO. We should not be putting our bare hands into the seat pocket touching who knows what, because there's no way to be sure it's free of contaminants. I'm not flying for a while. Two trips cancelled. It's the only rational way to avoid exposure.