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TIL New Delta Safety Video Features Every Internet Star, Ever

Delta's meme-themed safety video

Delta has turned to the Internet to cast its latest preflight safety video which features cameos from nearly every viral star and famous meme in the history of the world wide web.

Attention spans are getting shorter. It’s tough to compete for attention with six-second Vines, YouTube heroes and Internet memes that are worth at least a thousand words. Delta Air Lines has cleverly decided, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em — or at least cast them in a preflight safety video.

All the hottest memes and viral stars are represented in the six-minute safety video. Keyboard Cat musically introduces the safety briefing. The Screaming Goat reacts poorly to the inflight smoking ban. Double Rainbow Guy is ecstatic about the overhead bins, but Annoying Orange  is equally annoyed with carry-on baggage rules. The Dramatic Chipmunk lends some gravitas to the production and Charlie even bites his brother’s finger while demonstrating how to use emergency oxygen masks.

More striking than the fact that this huge cast of Internet misfits has so thoroughly wormed their way into our collective psyche is the fact that Delta was able to put all these characters (or at least remarkable likenesses) in one place to produce a simple preflight message. Who would have thought Overly Attached Girlfriend would seem just as obsessed IRL?

Delta even added a few throwback Internet stars into the mix for those of us old enough to have drivers licenses. The Peanut Butter Jelly Time Banana and Dancing Baby make brief appearances.

“We had a ton of fun with this one, and we think our customers will, too. Internet fame is fleeting, but our commitment to the safety of our customers and crew is not,” noted Delta Marketing Director Mauricio Parise. “These memes and cameos tap into the zeitgeist as the latest way of capturing our customers’ attention for our important safety presentation.”

The star-studded video can be viewed on YouTube, of course (or above). In fact, Delta says YouTube’s 10-year anniversary served as the inspiration behind the all-things Internet safety presentation. The Mentos and Diet Coke Bellagio Fountain and the Harlem Shake playing as the fasten seatbelt sign turns off makes the video definitely worth a view.

TL;DR: Delta filmed a safety video that seemed at first like a pandering attempt to create a viral video but ended up a very clever tribute that might just break the Internet.

[Photo: Delta Air Lines]

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relangford May 28, 2015

You are making me feel much older than my 70 years! I have never heard of any of these people/creatures/whatever.

djurewicz May 22, 2015

I just re-posted this to my Facebook page and they decided to use the cover image from the traveler who stripped naked to protest being bumped. Thanks FB!