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Three Passengers Subdued After Trying to Open Emergency Door Mid-Air

A passenger aboard Chinese flight is accused of attempting to open emergency door in-flight, leading to a small riot mid-air.

A Chinese passenger stands accused of starting a small riot aboard a Capital Airlines flight after allegedly attempting to open an emergency exit while in the air. The South China Morning Post reports the incident took place aboard a flight bound for Sanya in the Hainan province of the Asian nation.

The incident began when flight attendants noticed a passenger attempting to open one of the emergency exit doors. The crew confronted the unidentified passenger and stopped them from their attempt. However, the passenger allegedly declared their intentions to commit suicide aboard the aircraft and began assaulting the flight crew.

The flyer was quickly joined by two others aboard the flight who together launched an attack. However, the three were ultimately subdued by the flight attendants and authorities were contacted. Although the flight was allowed to continue to its final destination, police met the aircraft upon landing and arrested the three flyers.

In a statement to China Aviation Daily, Capital Airlines confirmed one of the passengers “got up and tried to do something at the door,” but was stopped by the crew members. Capital Airlines is a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines, which has codeshare agreements with both American Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

China Aviation Daily reports the three will be held by local authorities on charges of endangering public safety. Airline safety has been taken under particular scrutiny by Chinese authorities in the past year, leading the Chinese National Tourism Authority to begin adding penalties for those flyers who act out while aboard a commercial aircraft.

[Photo: Capital Airlines]

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yohy?! January 6, 2016

i think you mean sanya on the chinese island of hainan

czhang January 5, 2016

Couldn't find a real picture? Looks like flight sim...