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Those Driver’s License Security Changes Have Been Postponed Until 2020

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You no longer have to update your driver’s license by January 22, 2018 if you’re one of the residents of the nine states who are not in compliance with the Real ID act.

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Mike England said Wednesday in a statement that people in all 50 states can use old driver’s licenses until Oct. 1, 2020, despite those signs travelers have been seeing in the airport that said otherwise.


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cestmoi123 January 2, 2018

This comes as a massive surprise to...nobody.

John Isaac December 31, 2017

Stop with the endless delays already---just pulled the trigger and enforce it. That is only way you will get people/states to comply

RUAMKZ December 31, 2017

Just what exactly is NOT in compliance? Chip technology, perhaps? Magnetic strip(some states don't have them)? And no mention of driver's licenses of other countries..........sometimes, for example, people will visit from Canada, and go over the border by surface transportation to Detroit or Seattle......would an Ontario drivers license be good on a US domestic flight? Or a Baja California license?

N1120A December 29, 2017

This is totally unsurprising.