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This Smartphone-Controlled Lock Ensures You’ll Never Lose a Bag Again

An alternative to the conventional luggage lock, AirBolt uses Bluetooth technology to keep passengers’ possessions safe and secure.

While combination locks are still popular among travelers, the newly developed AirBolt is a high-tech alternative to the more traditional theft deterrent.

It has the look of a conventional combo lock, but this Bluetooth-enabled device can be controlled from a passenger’s smartphone. The AirBolt talks directly to a traveler’s mobile device via an app, allowing them to unlock their luggage with the press of a button.

The AirBolt also boasts a range of security features, many of which can be customized by the user during the initial set-up process. For example, the device’s alarm system can be primed to go off if and when a traveler is separated from their luggage. Additionally, should a passenger lose their smartphone, they can still log into their AirBolt account via another device.

However, if that AirBolt-linked phone just happens to be contained within a passenger’s lost or stolen luggage, would-be thieves would still need a security PIN to access a passenger’s bag.

And if a piece of luggage is well and truly lost, AirBolt uses crowd-sourced GPS information to pinpoint a bag’s last-known location.

Additionally, this new-generation lock has the seal of approval from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In countries under TSA jurisdiction, the agency’s staff can use standardized keys to open bags secured by conventional locks during security checks. For this reason, the AirBolt team advise that its device is TSA-compliant.

However, in countries that fall outside of the TSA’s jurisdiction, users can also electronically block access to their bag and view a log of when their luggage was opened.

Now available via Kickstarter, the AirBolt team is aiming to raise AUD $50,000 (just over USD $35,000) in order to further develop this device. However, AirBolt has already earned nearly double its original goal.

At the time of writing, the device is expected to retail for AUD $79.95 (USD $56.14), but interested travelers can secure their own AirBolt now for a pledge of AUD $65 (USD $45.66).

[Photo: AirBolt/Kickstarter]

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