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This New Rewards Program Gives You Miles For All Modes of Travel

This New Rewards Program Gives You Miles For All Modes of Travel
Caroline Lupini

You’ve heard of earning rewards for the miles you fly, and you’ve probably even heard of getting rewards for filling up at the gas station. But what if you could earn miles for the total distance you travel, no matter what the mode of transportation?

Miles is an app that aims to do just that. In fact, Miles even incentivizes users to travel in eco-friendly ways such as biking, walking and running by offering a higher number of miles for the distance that you travel. Did you ever think you could earn rewards for walking to the grocery store? With Miles, you can.

Signing up for Miles is easy. Simply download the app with the App Store or Google Play, connect with Facebook (or sign up with your email) and start tracking your progress. In order for Miles to track your motion, you’ll need to give Miles access to your location but you don’t have to do anything to activate Miles beyond that. Once you’re signed up, collect your 1,500-mile sign-up bonus and you’re good to go!

While Miles is active in the background of your phone, it will track all of your movement and award miles to your account, which can then be redeemed with a variety of retailers, restaurants, and more. Earn 1X miles driving, 3X miles with public transportation, 5X miles cycling, and 10X miles walking. You can even connect your Uber and Lyft accounts in order to earn 2X miles on those rides.

(Screenshot: Miles)

So, how far do your miles go? Turns out, the sign-up bonus is pretty impressive, as is your earning potential as a Miles member. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to transfer these miles to airline miles, at least not yet. For example, you can enjoy a complimentary wine tasting in Sonoma for just 300 miles; that’s only one-fifth of the sign-up bonus! Just as impressive, you can get a complimentary rental day of an Audi Q5 with Silvercar for 1000 miles when you book for more than one day, provided it’s your first Silvercar rental. Alternatively, redeem 700 miles with Silvercar for a complimentary tank of gas with any rental booking. See? This is some seriously useful stuff.

You can also redeem your miles for free flowers, free deliveries, free trials, free gifts with purchase, and discounts galore. While some of the rewards require you to be in a physical location, many of them are remote and online so you can redeem your miles from anywhere. Partnered brands include Silvercar, Incredible Adventures, Postmates, Tot Squad, Hewlett-Packard, Audible, Naturebox, Thrive, Helix, Cole Haan, 1-800-Contacts, Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut, Oakley, and so much more.

It sounds pretty great, and that’s because it is. It’s a classic set-it-and-forget-it tracker that keeps up with your demanding and hectic schedule while offering real incentive to keep moving. But even if you don’t have an accessible way to be walking or cycling most of the time, you are still able to earn rewards by bus, train, car, boat – just about anything that gets you moving. Users love the simplicity of the idea and the ease of use, as well as the great selection of rewards offered for simply going where you need to go.

As Miles nudges users towards sustainable and carbon-neutral transportation, here’s the big question: can you earn miles while flying? Actually, yes you can. Miles is true to its mission statement of rewarding users with miles for every mode of transportation, no matter what. But since airplanes tend to go, well…a lot of miles and a lot of fuel, you’ll only earn 0.1X miles on your flights. This still adds up and can still be beneficial, but you earn one hundred times more miles walking. You’d have to fly one hundred miles to earn the points you’d earn just by walking one mile!

If you are involved with a business and looking to build and incentivize your client base, your involvement with Miles doesn’t have to stop with just being a user. If you choose to partner with Miles, you’ll be able to target a relevant audience with specific promotions and deals, and you’ll only pay when a redemption comes through. Miles has its own marketing team, so the only thing you need to worry about is the partnership, rewards creation, and redemption payout. Miles also uses consumer analysis to partner your business with users in the right location, predict user trends, and understand consumer behavior. It’s a great way to market your business without a ton of grunt work, and you could easily build a client list from the Miles clientele.

Whether you’re a business or a user or both, Miles is a genius idea. By incentivizing users to utilize sustainable transportation in exchange for discounts, deals and experiences, Miles plays directly into today’s economy and values. Download Miles to your Android or iPhone and start earning miles today.

What do you think about earning miles with Miles?

[Image Source: iStock]

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  1. jtav559

    April 29, 2019 at 9:00 am

    So you are selling your location data and patterns of travel in exchange for “miles” in their program that have some, albiet limited, value.

    Not to mention the cost of your own data plan to send said info to their servers.

  2. mike28

    April 29, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    This is not an absolute ridiculous invasion of privacy!
    It is probably the worse thing I have seen since Facebook started.
    Accepting to be tracked like a convicted felon for the promise of obscure miles, seems like a wet dream for clueless millennials …

  3. tayfor2011

    April 29, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    Millennials will fall for any scam

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