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This Is Truly the Worst Thing We’ve Ever Seen (And We’ve Seen a Lot)

This Is Truly the Worst Thing We’ve Ever Seen (And We’ve Seen a Lot)


We’ve covered passenger news on FlyerTalk for quite some time. Although we’ve come across a lot of gross content during our day-to-day, what we’re about to show you is by far the most stomach-churning and vomit-inducing passenger news we’ve seen as of late.

We’d be remiss not to tell you about it.

To recap, we’ve already seen our fair share of humans being gross on airplanes in 2019 alone. There were these inconsiderate first-class passengers playing a game of footsie and then resting their disgusting feet on another passenger’s seat (ick). There was this video of an abhorrent woman licking the toilet seat of an airplane whose face will forever haunt us. And then there was this guy, who traumatized the flight attendant for life, demanding that she wipes his behind.     

Oh, how young and naive we were then.

[Proceed with caution: You might catch something just looking at the photo. If you’re eating, drinking, breathing – just pause for a few seconds before scrolling down.]

This man’s bandaged leg is literally LEAKING of pus and dripping on the cabin floor, forming a puddle of yellowish substance. What’s worse, he is completely indifferent about it. 

Even a doctor commenting on the Passenger Shaming Instagram account wrote, “I’m a doctor but I did barf in my mouth a little upon seeing this!!! Dear Lord let it be a Halloween prank or something.”


[Image Source: Wikimedia]


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  1. Flight44

    May 13, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    When will the madness end?

  2. Mtothe M

    May 14, 2019 at 5:32 am

    When people actually grow socially-capable brains.

    So in other words: NEVER.

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