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This Is How Much American Airlines Paid Pilots to Work Over Christmas

American Airlines‘ scheduling kerfuffle has been all over the news.

First, a scheduling glitch led to all of their pilots being scheduled off for Christmas week.

Then back-to-work negotiations got off to a bad start when AA initially offered the pilots time and a half to come back to work, but the Allied Pilots Association (APA) leaders (who had already been lobbying for higher holiday pay), summarily rejected the initial offer and it looked like 15,000 flights were in danger of going un-piloted during one of the busiest travel weeks.

But now, it looks like they’ve reached an agreement. Enough pilots to cover the 15,000 flights have agreed to come to work, and American Airlines has agreed to pay those pilots 200% of their usual pay to fly during the holidays.

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RUAMKZ December 6, 2017

This is really not news----at least the pay part.........most airlines at most positions do pay double for working Thanksgiving and Christmas. The IT screwup is one thing.....but premium holiday pay is normal for the industry----not exactly news, here!

becks1 December 6, 2017

I think good for the pilots to get a nice payday and shame on IT. Thanks for flying, 787driver. Maybe I’ll see you onboard.

Berniecfc December 6, 2017

I suspect, this latest fiasco is probably similar to the UK BA "Glitch" a few months ago. BA to save money, fired all their London IT staff and off-shored it. I'm sure looking back the $150 Million paid in compensation looks like a great saving and shareholders are seeing their dividends evaporate. AA probably followed the same route, tried to buy App developers on the cheap and now have to pay the price. Nice job Doug....

787Driver December 5, 2017

This is the price of I. T. screwups !!! Of course all the public will think is what greedy bastards airline pilots are ! (At least we STAND for the national anthem). At United Airlines I could crash a 787 and not do anywhere NEAR the damage that our I. T. department does on weekly basis !!! Interestingly enough we will probably never know the name of person or persons responsible for this screwup.The I.T. weenies sheepishly hide in their cubicles and point at each other.