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This Guy Stole 42 Million Delta SkyMiles

Well, this isn’t a story you hear every day.

Gennady Podolsky, the managing partner of the Chicago travel agency Vega Travel was indicted this week for “fraudulently” accumulating millions of Delta SkyMiles while on the job. How?

Prosecutors say that Podolsky created a SkyBonus account for a fertility center owned by a family member of the president of Vega Travel. And whenever Podolsky’s Vega Travel customers flew Delta, he simply entered the SkyBonus account information even though the Vega Travel customers in question had no connection to the fertility center.

There’s no word on how Podolsky was caught (or who caught him) in the article about the incident, but prosecutors say that Podolsky managed to rack up 42 million points, which they value at $1.75 million which averages out to +4 cents a point and might be one of the more outrageous parts of this story.


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JustAnotherTraveler September 19, 2019

Mmmm with the rapid devaluation of SkyPesos that might buy a one way ticket to HEL during the off-season if one was lucky.

cashmccall September 18, 2019

good luck valuing those at 4 cents - more like 1 cent or less.....but it sounds better saying over $1 million