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This Country Just Completely Rejected Bag Fees, But Airlines Are Already Looking For Loopholes

India’s government said low-cost carriers will not be allowed to charge for check-in luggage.

India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation rejected low-cost airlines’ proposal to charge for check-in baggage Saturday, according to CNN-IBN.

Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mahesh Sharma confirmed that India’s low-cost carriers, including AirAsia, Indigo and SpiceJet, will not be allowed to charge passengers to check-in luggage.

“We have got the proposal from the low-cost flights to charge for check-in baggage. We have rejected it and there will be no consideration at the Aviation Ministry level. We will not want to put this burden on passengers,” Sharma told CNN-IBN. “We have asked them to send a detailed proposal and if it is for the benefit of the passengers, we will consider it.”

Sharma also said the ministry is considering capping the predating prices of tickets to bring more relief to flyers.

Sudhakar Reddy, National President of Air Passengers Association of India, praised the ministry’s decision and Sharma for “boldly supporting the passengers.”

In response to Saturday’s ruling, SpiceJet announced a “hand baggage fare only” Tuesday. The fare, only available on domestic flights, could save travelers Rs 1,000, about $16, off the regular fare.

“We are passing on the savings of carrying less weight to the most price sensitive passengers who have hand baggage only, and are incentivizing more passengers to book early and travel light,” said SpiceJet COO Sanjiv Kapoor. “This is a win-win-win as those passengers will pay for only the services they consume, airlines can save on fuel costs from the lower weight.”

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pk45cu July 4, 2015

Typical Indian government meddling in the commercial sector, especially aviation. If a company provides more services to a customer, why can't it charge more? Hand bag only passenger: Flight from A to B + Handbag Checked-in bag passenger: Flight from A to B + Handbag + Checked-in bag

mandolino July 3, 2015

Why should a hand-baggage-only passenger pay the same as one using baggage handling services and adding weight to the flight?

mre5765 July 3, 2015

The SCOI is very activist and I expect them to re-write commercial aviation law to prevent this loophole.

mandolino July 2, 2015

A cheaper fare for "hand baggage only" or charging for checked bags: exactly the same thing, just presented differently. 20 years after easyjet and Ryanair, 10 years after Spicejet and media commentators still don't get it. - or they do get it and are thriving on confected outrage.