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This Comedian Found Poop in a Delta Blanket

A Delta Air Lines passenger complains that the plastic-wrapped in-flight blanket contained a most unwelcome surprise.

Jokes about airline food and lost luggage have long been a staple of stand-up routines, but comedian Nicole Byer says there is absolutely nothing funny about her latest air travel related anecdote. Byer told her Twitter followers that she was left “emotionally scarred” after finding feces in a blanket that she was given by a Delta Airlines flight attendant.

Delta spokesperson Brian Kruse told the British tabloid newspaper The Sun that the airline was “taking the complaint very seriously.” The company, however, stopped short of confirming Byer’s account of the disturbing ordeal.

“We are in direct contact with her, we’re working with her and we’re investigating the situation,” Kruse told reporters. “We’re still working to find more information.”

The US television personality made a point of providing plenty of details to her more than 200,000 Twitter followers. Byer even posted a photograph of the disgusting discovery to help document the shockingly foul situation.

“Dear @Delta the grossest thing happened on my flight,” she wrote. “I opened my blanket & there was a literal piece of s***. How does that happen?”

The comedian and reality show host acknowledged that an especially nasty passenger on a previous flight must have shared in some of the blame for the hidden bowel movement surprise. “I mean what a gross customer to s*** in a blanket […] but truly how did an employee just fold it up and put it in a bag?” Byer later tweeted.

The celebrity took a great deal of exception with the airline’s initially dubious take on her particularly messy inflight difficulties. Delta officials sent her the less-than-helpful message “Appreciate you calling it to our attention. Please reach out to the FA onboard for assistance.”

Byer quickly fired back with a series of irate posts in response.

“Are you kidding?” she replied. “Of course I told the flight attendant. I’m emotionally scarred and this is all you ask? THERE WAS S*** IN MY BLANKET!”

Byer’s mood did not improve as she continued to live tweet throughout the flight.

“I guess now I’ll be cold on all my flights because I can never use a blanket again BC A LITERAL PIECE OF S*** WAS IN MY LAST BLANKET,” the dissatisfied flyer went on to inform her followers on social media. “I would have taken a better picture of the crusty s***. But it was crusty s*** and I didn’t care to get close to it again.”

The comedian said that a flight attendant on the flight “confirmed there was indeed s*** in the blanket” and that airline officials have since reached out to apologize. Byer added that in addition to a full refund for her flight, the airline offered her 50,000 SkyMiles as compensation for her crappy flight.

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viajero boricua March 22, 2017

I think there might be a problem... In the tweet that was linked the word the comedian used was "SCARED", not "SCARRED", which are 2 DIFFERENT WORDS with DIFFERENT MEANINGS. Would the FT moderators would check this out? I don't want to get it OUT OF WHACK...

NYC96 March 21, 2017

Poop or chocolate? Who's brave enough to do the sniff test?

strickerj March 21, 2017

I'd certainly be pissed if I were in her situation, but to say she was "emotionally scarred" is a bit melodramatic - that's got to be the most overused expression on social media these days.