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This Airline Is FINALLY Cracking Down on Employee Theft

New Air India chairman plans on laying down serious sanctions on employees caught stealing from flights.

The new chairman of Air India has a message for rogue employees: theft from his airline will result in immediate termination. In interviews with Hindustan Times, senior leaders at the Indian flag carrier laid out a plan supposedly spearheaded by new managing director Ashwani Lohani.

Under the plan, employees caught stealing from the airline will be terminated immediately. Recent examples of employee theft include one purser attempting to leave an aircraft with over 300 miniature liquor bottles, as well as another employee trying to lift over $300 worth of caviar from another flight. According to executives, the goal is to cut down on the high costs incurred by the airline, including those caused by employee theft.

“Anything on board to be served to passengers, whether it is alcohol, chocolates or cheese is company property,” one official told the Hindustan Times. “If you steal company property strict action would follow.”

Officials say that in addition to termination, the airline will also file police reports against thieving employees.

This crackdown on theft is Air India’s latest attempt at controlling rampant employee behavior problems the airline has been experiencing. In February, the airline threatened to dock employee pay if they were found responsible for delaying a flight. By August, the airline began offering flight crews a bonus if their aircraft departed on time. A month later, the airline allegedly threatened to bar 125 flight attendants for not meeting airline fitness qualifications.

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jamesteroh October 13, 2015

Shouldn't theft at ANY airline result in immediate termination??? I've only had to deal with employee theft a few times and EVERY time I terminated the employee.

BadgerBoi October 9, 2015

"The new chairman of Air India has a message for rouge employees? Oh dear, sorry but I couldn't get any further in this article than those first words.

Centurion October 8, 2015

Air India would save more money if they worry more about government officials who delay flights as they treat Air India flights as a private jet waiting for them to pull up on the tarmac and walk up and enter the plane at their leisure.