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“They Fried Him:” Another Dog Dies on United Airlines

“They Fried Him:” Another Dog Dies on United Airlines
Jennifer Billock

Yet another dog has died during a flight with United Airlines; this one was in the cargo hold, where reports say that the temperature got excessively hot and the dog died of heatstroke — the airline refutes that claim, and also refutes the family’s claim that they have not received any compensation.

The dangers of traveling with pets are making themselves clear again in a case against United Airlines from a family whose dog died in the cargo hold of an August 2017 flight from Boston to Fort Lauderdale. John Paul Ciancimino claimed that his family’s dog, Rock, was essentially fried in the cargo hold due to excessively hot temperatures.

“He was fried – they literally fried him,” Ciancimino told The Sun, reported by The New York Post. “He was completely blind by the time they found him.”

Reports from the vet show that when the dog died, he had a body temperature of 106 degrees F and he likely died from heatstroke. The airline, though, disagrees with that assessment.

“Our PetSafe team is committed to the safety and comfort of all the pets that travel with us,” the airline told The New York Post. “Upon Rock’s arrival in Newark, our team discovered that the dog injured itself while chewing through and escaping his kennel during the flight. We immediately transported Rock to a local animal hospital for medical care, where he passed away. When this unfortunate passing occurred, we were in contact with the customer and refunded the travel costs, as well as covering all related veterinary bills.”

The passenger and his lawyer, though, say that no reimbursement has been made.


[Image: Twitter]

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  1. misdirected baggage

    September 24, 2019 at 8:35 am

    I flew our lab out of LAX-HNL on UA a while ago. I watched in horror as the cute “Petsafe” van summarily deposited the dog’s crate on the tarmac and drove off – apparently oblivious that the inbound aircraft was late and there was no aircraft to load the dog onto. It was well over 90 degrees. Calls to the petsafe dispatch area went unanswered. The gate agent was too “busy” reassigning seats to help – apparently, seat assignments take precedent over an endangered animal. Finally, just as we were about to storm the tarmac (and probably be arrested), the cockpit crew on our flight arrived and the captain went down the jetway and moved the dog into the shade. He later made a trip to the cargo hold and sent us a photo. He may have saved the dog’s life. The staff handling dogs needs to see a pet directly onto the aircraft and not treat them like a pair of skis. Gate agents need to realize they are the airline’s front line and that their job entails more than paperwork. A+ for the crew. F for the entire operation on the ground. Oh, and written complaints to UA went unanswered (and I’m 1k). Sigh.

  2. brazilexpert

    September 25, 2019 at 2:10 pm


  3. chrisfwm

    October 1, 2019 at 6:52 am

    United, killing your pet one at a time.

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