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These Are Two of the Youngest Pilots in the Business

Two of the youngest pilots in the business – 26-year-old captain Kate McWilliams and her 19-year-old co-pilot Luke Elsworth – flew hundreds of easyJet passengers this week after McWilliams passed a course that elevated her to captain status. The airline claims she is the world’s youngest commercial airline pilot and Elsworth is one of Britain’s youngest co-pilots.

“I would strongly urge females interested in aviation to think about pursuing a career as a pilot, and any existing pilots to push themselves to become a captain,” said the female captain.

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[Photos: easyJet]

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SamirD September 30, 2016

Like all talents--practicing and starting young is key. I'm sure at 19, he must have started down the path to pilot at least 10 years ago. Just imagine where these two will be in their career 20 years from now if they keep building on their skills.

Dianne47 September 28, 2016

The kid crew...

Cymbo September 28, 2016

Good on them, aviation is still a wonderfully satisfying career.

strickerj September 28, 2016

By "world's youngest commercial airline pilot," I assume they mean captain (since he's younger)? Anyway, congrats to both of them... I considered going this route, but at 31, I guess I'm too old now. ;) Plus, here in the U.S., it seems the only way to build enough hours in that short a time is in the military, and I didn't think I'd make the cut.

inevitable September 28, 2016

McWilliams accomplishment is no small feet for sure, but I'm more curious how a 19-year old was handed the metaphorical keys to a commercial airliner..