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Are These Are the 10 MOST HORRIFYING Meals in the Sky?

When it comes to the flying experience, there are many things that travelers don’t particularly look forward to. From passing through security checkpoints to the infamous “gate lice,” flyers run into a number of inconveniences every time they take to the skies. However, perhaps the most egregious of these are the items some airline tries to pass off as food.

From themed meals gone wrong to unexpected extras, these could be the scariest things you see on your next flight. We hope that on your next flight, you can avoid these select spooks of airline meals.

10: When airline food goes wrong

Sometimes, the worst airline meal is not receiving one at all. Such was the case in April 2015, when an EasyJet flyer violently expressed his displeasure about not receiving a meal to a flight attendant. After exclaiming “I’ve been waiting for hours, I’m hungry,” the flyer allegedly punched a flight attendant in the face. The flight attendant’s response: “I can’t understand how anyone could react so violently over a sandwich.”

9: You can take it with you… but do you want to?

Some flyers like bringing meals onto their flight. Either packaged at home or purchased from an airport vendor, packaged meals just taste better than airline food. For the minority of flyers who can’t get enough of airline food, German carrier Lufthansa has a proposition for you. In 2014, the airline launched the Air Food One delivery service – allowing flyers to buy excess Lufthansa meals. The service takes the term “fly by night” to a whole new level.

8: American & the Empanada

Flying to a new country can open lots of great experiences, including new foods one can’t get at home. However, not every meal comes exactly as advertised. In 2008, FlyerTalker MileHIgh reported choosing a beef empanada on an American Airlines flight from Mexico City, but instead receiving a fish empanada with a salad which “had carrots that looked like they had been cut last week.” According to the report, the flight attendant responded with a shrug.

7: Crickets & Mushrooms flying JetBlue

Unusual snacks have often found their way aboard aircraft – but not even out-of-the-box airline JetBlue could have seen this coming. In 2014, the New York airline partnered with AccelFoods to provide new snacks at John F. Kennedy International Airport’s (JFK) Terminal Five and aboard their aircraft. Among AccelFood’s products are mushroom teas and cricket flour protein bars.

6: Finnair’s fishy offerings

It’s no secret that the Northern European’s have a particularly peculiar taste. This is reflected on Finland’s own Finnair, where FlyerTalkers report receiving everything from boxed sandwiches and indistinguishable soup, to baguettes covered in goat cheese. That’s a mouthful!

5: The EVA Air “Hello Kitty” meal

There are certain words that we don’t mention at the FlyerTalk newsroom – “Hello Kitty” is one of them. Perhaps that’s why this EVA Air Hello Kitty theme meal makes us reconsider our options. With the iconic princess “cat” incorporated in every part of this meal, it’s enough to make you think twice about eating on that trans-Pacific flight.

4: Delta & the horrible, terrible, no good onion sandwich

Flyers with dietary restrictions often draw the short straw for airline food. FlyerTalker droidcore gave us one prime example from a Delta Air Lines first class flight. Dubbed the “onion sammich,” the airline passes this meal off as their “vegetarian, non-dairy” option. We want to know: does it come with a vegetarian, non-dairy breath mint?

3: The cottage cheese blintz of doom

American made it on the list for the second time with this meal spotted by FlyerTalker SFO777 aboard a flight between Chicago and Denver. When choosing the “oatmeal” option, the flyer was presented with this: a cheese blintz swimming in an apple/apricot sauce and greasy sausages. Forget radiation: the grease content from this flight could be your biggest flight risk.

2: Anything prepared at LAX

Some airports are scarier than others. For flyers with weak intestinal fortitude, the world’s scariest place may be Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). A 2015 report noted several sanitation issues at the Flying Food Group facility located on the airport. Among them were dirty restrooms and clutter in the food storage area. Personally speaking, I’ll eat ahead of my next flight at LAX.

1: The Air India lizard special

Sometimes, extra surprises can be a nice addition to a meal. Most of the time, they can make flyers lose their appetite. Such was the case aboard a 2015 Air India flight, when a flyer claims a lizard was included as part of a pre-packaged meal. The airline immediately defended themselves, claiming the lizard was a hoax.

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ludocdoc October 31, 2015

A guy got beef not fish and that is horrifying? A few people got the wrong plate is horrifying?

viking9990 October 31, 2015

..."no secret that Northern Europeans have a particularly peculiar taste"...really.?