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The World’s Second-Tallest Building Will Be Home to a 5-Star Hotel

The second-tallest building in the world will have a hotel on its upper floors when it opens in Pudong, China.

After seven years of construction and repeated delays, the Shanghai Tower in China is expected to open sometime this year. It will be the second-tallest structure in the world, standing 2,073 ft. with 121 floors, and will be topped by a hotel.

Levels 84 to 110 of the skyscraper will house a five-star hotel. The lobby will be on floor 101, and guests will be able to use a spa and three restaurants.

According to a 2010 press release, “Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will [have] 258 luxury guest rooms. The new brand will focus on world-class design to appeal to the modern discerning traveler; utilizing the latest technological advancements from around the world … It is expected that the design of Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will reach and exceed the Forbes (Mobil) five stars standards, AAA five stars diamond standards, Platinum 5-star in China and Green Hotel standards.”

The hotel’s website is currently not functional, so further details are more or less under wraps. The J-Hotel brand is looking to launch 10 to 12 additional “landmark hotels” in key cities around the world.

The rest of the Shanghai Tower will contain restaurants, offices, cafes, an observation deck and sky lobbies. The skyscraper was designed by Gensler, an American architectural firm, with Jun Xia leading the design team.

[Photo: Gensler]

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