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This (Unsuccessful) Master of Disguise Tried to Sneak Past Airport Security

With a pretty clever disguise and a fake passport and visa to the United States, a 32-year-old man from India was caught impersonating an 81-year-old man while trying to get through security at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and board a plane to the U.S., where he planned to find work.

Over the weekend, 32-year-old Jayesh Patel was arrested while trying to get through security at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. He was in full disguise, dressed as an 81-year-old man with a tunic, glasses, turban, and white beard, and he used a wheelchair. He was intending to board a plane to New York with a fake passport and visa.

Patel made it through initial security and immigration checks at first, using a wheelchair, but then was caught during a later security check when he refused to stand because he said he was too old.

“He was definitely not 80 years old,” a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) said, reported by the BBC. “His skin was of a younger person.”

He handed over his passport, but the picture didn’t match Patel.

“The appearance and skin texture of the passenger seemed to be much younger than mentioned in the passport,” the CISF spokesperson said, reported by the BBC.

Patel eventually confessed that he was using a fake passport and visa that he’d hired someone to get for him. The person he hired also arranged for his costume and makeup to be put on in a hotel room before the flight.

“He was planning to go to the US for a job,” police officer Sanjay Bhatia told the BBC. “But his profile was such that he would not have gotten a visa easily.”


[Featured Image: Twitter/CISF]

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