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The Poster for This IRL In-Flight Horror Movie Is Terrifying

If you’re a regular reader of FlyerTalk, you know that we love to shame passengers who don’t know where to put their bare feet. That’s because, if you’re over the age of five, you should know not to put your bare feet on a kid’s armrest, or on the in-flight entertainment screen, or the tray table, or anywhere except your shoes. Even if you might get $1,000 to put them away.

But people still do it. Fly often enough, to enough places, and one day, you’ll smell corn chips or, worse. feel the cold clammy touch of another person’s toes on the back of your arm. And, if you live in fear of encountering bare feet on your next flight, this is the perfect horror movie poster for your podophobia.


This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane from r/mildlyinfuriating

We’ll call it Airborne 2: The Feetening


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rickg523 November 24, 2019

First, something dry, like a pencil. Next, something wet, maybe a stirrer. Finally, if those don't work, something sticky.

JAGorham November 22, 2019

Remind me to start packing a big feather in my carryon bags.

Sydneyberlin November 21, 2019

Seen this quite a few times but also nail clippings in the Business lounge and- my all time favorite- that Indian lady on KLM who started changing the diapers of her toddler right in the middle of a full airplane at her seat, coincidentally at the start of the meal service. No one enjoyed their meal that day!