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The Traveler Who Mysteriously Vanished From Haneda

The Traveler Who Mysteriously Vanished From Haneda
Jeff Edwards

Nearly 65 years ago, a nondescript business traveler arriving at a Japanese airport set off a bizarre chain of events that to this day causes debate about whether the stranger was a visitor from the future, an inter-dimensional refugee, a master of hoaxes or simply the protagonist of an urban legend whose mystique has grown over the years.

When a “business traveler” arrived at what is now known as Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND) in the summer of 1954, a routine document check at immigration led to a bizarre series of occurrences which are still being hotly debated to this very day. The circumstances surrounding this specific air traveler’s untraceable (or perhaps otherworldly) history and equally unexplainable disappearance have skeptics convinced that he was a common conman who finally lost track of his web of lies. The more openminded among us, however, allow for the possibility that the infamous “passenger from Taured,” was simply a man who somehow found himself lost in both time and space.

The story begins to get interesting when the recent arrival to Japan announced his country of origin as “Taured.” Since there was at the time (or at any time in history), no such country on the globe, immigration officials became understandably suspicious. The oddly behaving traveler not only insisted that his native country was in fact very much a real place – a small independent country between France and Spain which had existed for most of recorded history. He even produced a passport issued by the European principality of Taured. When asked to point out the nation on a map, the man traced an area with borders similar to those of the modern Principality of Andorra.

The suspicious air traveler was ordered to remain under guard overnight while officials investigated his unusual claims. His story soon began to fall apart under closer inspection.

According to the writings of Les Hewitt, a U.K-based curator of the “unexplained and paranormal,” the man from Taured spoke several languages including French as well as fluent Japanese, but there were no indications that he had ever entered Japan before – despite his insistence that he was a frequent visitor. The personal checks in his wallet were issued by a bank that did not appear to exist (at least in this timeline). The hotel where the man claimed he had booked a room had no knowledge of the reservation and the man from Taured’s supposed business contacts in the city swore they had never heard of the stranger before.

At this point, the tale begins to resemble a locked room mystery. Faced with mounting evidence that the business traveler was not who he purported to be, the detained passenger was summoned for more questioning, but when guards opened the door to his room there was not a trace of the passenger from Taured.

The most likely explanation is that this international man of mystery was simply a flimflam man who bribed a guard and made his escape after realizing that the gig was up. We may never know exactly what occurred in Tokyo three generations ago – unless all the pieces suddenly fall into place following the Taured revolution of 2067. Or alien visitors graciously open their archives to humanity. Or scientists finally make contact with alternate dimensions in the multiverse.


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  1. TWAflyer


    May 16, 2019 at 2:14 pm

    Just passing along a pointer to details from a purported eyewitness (third comment, dated Feb. 20, 2016, in the article on the following web page):

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