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“The Most Miserable Experience in the World”: American Airlines Pilot Shames New Bathrooms

Usually, passengers voice the complaints we print about airline accommodations.

But it’s the cabin crew that has been most vocal about their disdain for the bathrooms on American Airlines’ new 737s. First, a flight attendant sounded off about a few, fairly awkward “design flaws” of the smaller-than-usual bathrooms aboard.

Now, an American Airlines pilot has chimed in calling the bathrooms “the most miserable experience in the world.”

During an airline Q&A session on Monday, he opined:

It’s the most miserable experience in the world and everybody I’ve ever talked to that had to fly on this thing… Alaska Airlines has a 737-800 as we do and has 4 lavatories. We have 3.

Now you’ve added 12 more seats, no more lavatories, and you’ve shrunk that lavatory to 75% the size that it was before.

I can’t turn around in it. The sink is the most miserable thing going, and you cram those people in those little tiny seats you just bragged about to the point that I can’t sit back there. As a crew member if I ever have to deadhead back there I’ll refuse because it’s just not practical.

I think you need to have you and Parker and everybody sit back in the last row of the 737 on a long flight and see what it’s like to use those lavatories… that’s the biggest complaint I get is those lavatories.. there’s 160 [economy] passengers for 2 lavatories on 5 hour flights…


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sunil March 3, 2018

and it's not just AA , its the same on United.

IBobi March 1, 2018

"Welcome aboard-- here's your diaper! That'll be $18."

fotographer March 1, 2018

good for you, hopefully they will listen and try it, but we all know that is not going to happen